Driver's license

Driver's license

Driver's license in North America is a document authorizing to drive a vehicle. Driver's license is also an alternative personal identification document (ID)


  • Your international lDriver's license will be valid fin Canada for 60 days only.
  • Proven track record of driving more than 5 years, gives you the opportunity to obtain a full license (full G) during the first months of stay in Canada (as confirmed).
  • Advise in advance to learn the theory for driving. Then you can pass the exam even during the first days of stay. You will be given the rights of a category G1 (control T. C. only in the presence of an experienced driver (full G). The Official Driver's Handbook  can be found here -

How to get Driver's license  in Canada?

1.Obtain a certificate from a driving school (if you don't have any driving experience)
2.Pass the theory test and get your driving license subcategory G1
3.Pass a practical test on G2 (limited rights )
4.Pass the exam for full G (after a year of G2)


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