Additional services

Custodianship for minor students

Prices from 500 CAD

In addition to the documents needed to enter Canada, a minor will need additional documents if he is less than 17 years of age and comes to Canada to study without a parent or legal guardian. The minor must be cared for by a responsible…

Driver's license

Driver's license in North America is a document authorizing to drive a vehicle. Driver's license is also an alternative personal identification document (ID)


In Canada there is a sustainable banking system. Large banks are considered to be absolutely safe, their activity is controlled by the government of Canada. It must be said that there is a number of medium and small banks with a solid…

Selection of property

If you move to Canada and want to rent a house here, it would be useful to know about various types of accommodation.

Reservation of air tickets

The prices of air tickets in Canada change daily. We can always find the cheapest options for economy and business class. We recommend to book air tickets minimum two months prior to your departure in order to avoid expensive prices.