Sightseeing tours in Canada are represented by a wide variety of programs. This may be a historical route through the places of residence of the country's indigenous population and the European colonists, viewing the natural attractions,…

Sightseeing Tour in Toronto

China Touwn Casa Loma University Of Toronto CN Tower Parlament PATH — heated underground city beneath the center of Toronto

Niagara Falls

All together we load up in a cozy mini-van and start our journey to the legendary Thunder of Water.

Montreal tour

During the inspection of the business part of the city to see the modern skyscrapers in harmony with historic buildings, including city hall.

Marine land

No less interesting performances are held in the basins of the "Arctic Cove". Giant killer whale obediently performs the command of trainers, and small whales — Beluga swim up to the sides of the pool. In addition to swimming pools…

Sightseeing tour of Quebec city

Quebec city (Quebec) — the former capital of New France (Nouvelle-France) and real capital of French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec.

OTTAWA is the capital of Canada

Prices from 50 CAD

Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The tour is designed for 1-6 people and lasts up to 15 hours