Memo for International students in Canada

This short article is for International students who are going to start their exciting journey in to the World of Canadian Education in the nearest future.

Congratulations! You did it! Your Study Permits have been approved and you finally landed in Canada. However, don't forget to obey the Immigration Law to avoid any troubles and enjoy your stay.

  •  Check your Study Permit's expiration date. Don't forget to apply for your Study Permit extension 30 days prior to its' expiration.
  • Check the conditions of your Study Permit. If you are an ESL student you are not authorized to work on and off campus during your study. 
  • If you are College or University student and there are no conditions which allow to work on or off campus in your Study Permit you can apply for the change of conditions.
  • If your College or University program includes Co-op component you must have a Co-op Work Permit upon arrival or you must apply for it in Canada.
  • If you are a Temporary resident visa holder and if you are about to complete your ESL program which is a condition of admission to your College or University, you can apply for a Study Permit from within Canada.
  • If you applied for a Study Permit from within Canada and your Temporary Visitor status expired, you need to apply for your Visitor record extension before the expiration of your Temporary Visitor status. In this case you can stay in Canada legally and wait for the decision about your Study Permit application.However you can't go to school until the decision is taken.
  • If your temporary resident status expired you have 90 days to apply for your status restoration. Penalty $200.00CAD applies. 
  • Don't forget to apply for your Post Graduation Work Permit as soon as you receive your final transcripts and the Letter of Completion from College or University.
  • Don't forget to get your SIN number in order to work in Canada

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