5+1 Tips to improve your Express Entry Profile

You have registered your Express Entry Profile but your Comprehensive Ranking System Score leaves much to be desired?

To improve your score and increase your chances of being drawn from the pool, you may want to:

  • promote yourself to employers in Canada and seek a valid job offer

Create a professional resume, including all your professional skills to attract more Employers registered with Job Bank. Let more Employers see your profile.

  • contact provinces and territories to be considered for the Provincial Nominee Program

check if you are eligible for a Nomination from a particular Province where you studied or currently studying, worked or currently working or have relatives or friends who could confirm your wish to live in this Province

  • improve your language score

Try to improve your language score to earn more points; get extra points for the second language (French)

  •  get a higher level of education

Upgrade your current level of education if possible to increase your points - from Diploma to Bachelor Degree, from Bachelor Degree to Master or PhD; add Canadian education to your Diploma or Degree received in the country of origin or any other country

  • gain more work experience

Every additional year of work experience adds more points; foreign work experience in combination with a Canadian one will move you to the higher level

Extra tip

  • Additional points can be added to your profile due to your spouse`s education, work experience, language skills and adaptability factors