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What languages are spoken in Canada?

In Canada the official languages are English and French.

How to choose a suitable language program?

First of all we need to determine the purpose of the trip. If You are interested in learning English or French in Canada and to participate in an entertainment program, we can offer a language training program with intensity of 20h/w, 25h/w ( for teens) and 30h/w or 38h/w for adults 17+, living in the Canadian families on a full Board basis and with a large selection of cultural and entertainment events. Language schools accept students all year round. As a rule, choose the program "General English/ French". If You are interested in a program of preparation for examinations TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE or in the program " a Direct path to University, we need to know your current level of English to create an individual Study Plan for you.

If I have zero language level, can I begin classes?

Yes, you can. All the language schools accept students with "beginner" and thanks to a special technique of teaching; you will be able to quickly master the skills of a foreign language in the country of native speakers.

How much is the tuition at language schools?

You can find the cost of the programs on our website

I want to become a doctor in Canada. What do I need?

In order to become a doctor, you should go a long way. First of all you need to obtain a Canadian Bachelor's degree in Biology or Chemistry or any related disciplines. Next, you need to pass a specialized exam MCAD to attend Medical school. The cost of training in medical school is about $60.000 CAD for foreigners. To work as a doctor in Canada you must be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. An easier way is nursing. The cost of education in a Baccalaureate program will be about $14000-$15000 CAD per year, and the starting salary after graduating from College/ University is from $4,000 CAD per month.

I’m currently a 2nd year student at BSU(Belarusian State University). Can I transfer to Canadian UNIVERSITIES and what should be done for this?

Yes, you can transfer to a Canadian University for the 1st or 2nd academic year, but on the condition that the curriculum of Your University and the Canadian University match each other. You can check this by providing the syllabus - detailed description of the curriculum, which is issued by Your University. You also may get some credits.

Is there a in Canada free education for foreigners?

Children whose parents are students at Canadian Universities or officially work in Canada can get free admission to public schools. For Canadian citizens the cost of education at Colleges and Universities is lower, and for foreign students. International students have the right to legally earn some money while studying at College/University, in addition, at the end of each year, students receive from the state a refund of taxes. Some Universities provide International students with scholarships for good academic performance achievements.

What is voltage do in Canada?

110 volts

What is the processing time for a visa application? Where are visa applications are processed?

If you are planning to stay in Canada for 6 months or less, you need to apply for a Visitor visa. The processing time is from 5 days depending on the country of your residence. If you are planning to study or work in Canada longer than 6 months you need to apply for a Study Permit or Work Permit. To stay in Canada continuously for more than 6 months some applicants need to take a medical examination in the specialized clinics and in some cases they need to submit a certificate of good conduct, so the registration process can take 1.5 -2.5 months.

How often visa applications to Canada are denied?

The main purpose is to convince the immigration officer that you will return Home after the end of the program in Canada and that you are not going to stay in Canada and work there illegally or apply for benefits designed for Canadian citizens. So You need to provide the Immigration officer with convincing documents: income certificate, real estate documents and a motivation letter which will be clearly described Your plan. If you comply with the requirements of the Embassy, the success rate is quite high.

How much time must pass after receipt of the denial of a Canadian visa before the next application?

You can apply again even next day, but You should cover the reasons for the refusal. We can also order the detailed explanation of your refusal at the Visa office within 5 weeks. Later we can develop a new strategy for a new application if it is reasonable.

Who has the right to provide visa and immigration services?

If you made a decision about immigrating to Canada, you will have a question whether to apply by yourself following the instructions on the Canadian Government website of retain a specialist. Canadian immigration law does not oblige applicants to use the services of intermediaries, but leaves them the opportunity to use these services. The recommended by IRCC specialists must have the appropriate education and a license for this activity. Many applicants managed to pass the immigration process from the stage of filling out immigration forms until providing the necessary documents to obtain a permanent resident visa, but many people failed to do this because of the lack of knowledge in the field of Canadian immigration law. In this case, qualified assistance is simply necessary. The fact is that all information sent by you to the Embassy for a long time is stored in the system and sometimes it is very difficult to correct mistakes, leading to rejection of the application. First of all, when choosing a specialist you need to be guided by the following criteria: 1.The immigration consultant must be a registered with the organization ICCRC - Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council www.iccrc-crcic.ca and to have an appropriate number by which you can know the status of the consultant in this organization. You can enter this number on the website of the organization or full name of the consultant and see whether the consultant has rights to be engaged in this activity. 2. The immigration agent is an agent of the immigration consultant who can reside in Canada and who directs the immigration process through that agent. All immigration consultants must register their agents in the organization ICCRC and they are fully responsible for the activities of their agents. It is Important to know that the agents do not have the right to give advice on immigration on their own. ICCRC - the organization created to protect the rights of clients from unlicensed advisers in order to reduce the number of errors made by the consultants - self-taught and supervise the work of skilled professionals. If there is a mistake in your application file through the fault of an immigration consultant, you have the right to file your complain with ICCRC, and the organization must find out the reasons that caused the refusal of your PR visa and take appropriate action. A “self-taught consultant” is rather easily to be brought to justice in Canada - a fine of $100,000 CAD for illegal activity, but it is not easy to do in Russia and CIS countries, so I recommend to get as much information as possible about the consultant to whom you entrust your fate. Investing in the services of a professional immigration consultant or a lawyer is beneficial for the following reasons: you will get a correct assessment of your chances on specific immigration categories, you will receive information on how to increase your chances for participation in the selection process, your consultant will select and develop the strategies in preparation of documents that meet the criteria of a specific program and you will be prepared you for an interview if necessary. Moreover, you will get assistance in adaptation upon arrival to Canada. If you apply for a temporary resident visa, study permit or work permit, the services of a professional licensed specialist will also increase your chances to be approved. In case of a delay with the decision, only the immigration consultant can apply to IRCC to order the detailed information about your File. It is useful to know that before the immigration consultant receives a license, he needs to undergo a special course of in-depth study of immigration law of Canada, to pass a specialized exam, to pay an annual membership fee to the organization ICCRC and continually undergo training to be aware of all innovations and changes in immigration programs and the requirements to candidates. It is important to know that to meet all your requirements is not the grounds for a positive decision on your application for immigration to Canada, but you are only granted the right to participate in the selection of Candidates. Nobody can give you 100% guarantee that your application will be definitely approved. The decision is made by an immigration officer and no immigration consultant, not a lawyer can influence on this decision or. If someone guarantees you 100% success, it is only a marketing game and nothing more. Author: Galina Vladimirova RCIC 514110

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