My immigration story. Manitoba, Morden!

In March 2016, my wife and I moved to Manitoba, in a small but very cozy and friendly town of Morden. The guys from the company CANADAOPEN,Ltd. helped us to achieve our cherished dream to move to the North American continent. With over 5 years of experience as a mechanic of trucks, I am finally able to get a decent salary, performing my favorite job.
 It all started with the fact that I got laid off in my company in my native town of Rezh near Yekaterinburg. My wife at tthis time was a University student and worked as a private tutor of English.
After talking with her students, she often talked about  opportunities to study abroad and about benefits of a foreign degree. We started to chat on various forums dedicated to education abroad, but realistically assessing our financial capabilities, we realized that neither of us will be able to show such amount on our Bank accounts that is required by the Embassy. Also, I was  unemployed, so this factor as "no ties with your Motherland"   was impossible to disguise. Once again clicking on the enticing promotional offer, I came across the website of the company CANADAOPEN and I was interested in the article about immigration provincial nominee programs. Actually, me and my wife didn't even believe that Canada really needs auto mechanics, seamstresses and handymen, because in our view, only highly skilled professionals with a fluent English could win such a lottery ticket. The offer seemed to be so tempting and we decided to check how it corresponds to reality. We wrote a request to the company, literally within hours received a response and we scheduled an interview on Skype. Immigration consultant Galina Vladimirova quickly and professionally assessed our options and prepared our file to send to Morden. I provided evidence of my experience with many recommendations from my clients and employers;moreover, with the help of my wife I managed to pass IELTS at the desired score, we have alsa compiled a letter that could explain why Manitoba was suitable for us and how we could be useful to the local community. Two months later we were invited to Morden for an interview with the members of the local community. Galina arranged for us visa support, booked accommodation. Guys really worried about us and we were looked after, and that gave confidence. We successfully passed the interview, I was nominated to receive permanent resident status. We keep in touch with Galina, her tips are always very useful for us. Thank you CANADAOPEN and Galina for Your participation in our destiny!

Denis Gershkovich, Manitiba, Morden.