Vlad from Belarus shares his personal experience

immigrationMy name is Vlad. I am from Minsk, Belarus I obtained Bachelor Degree in Engineering at National Belarusian Technical University in Minsk, Belarus  I want to note that the knowledge I got was mostly theoretical and left my University, I had to face the harsh reality. My Boss asked me to forget everything I had been taught at the University because university knowledge had nothing in common with my workplace. My diligence did not bring me good earnings and work soon turned into a routine that didn't bring any money or fun.

Once, my friend invited me to attend an International Educational Fair in Minsk, where I met a representative of the Canadian language school, who actively invited students to study English in Canada.It is worth to mention that I studied at the Secondary School with advanced study of English, but without practice my English language remained passive. During my conversation with the representative of the school, I learned that many international students prefer Postgraduate certificate programs. In a relatively short period of 8-12 months, you can get a profession that will be in demand in Canada. The main requirements are Bachelor degree and the appropriate level of English. I didn’t worry about Bachelor degree, because I had it and in order to restore the language, I decided to go to a Canadian language school, as due to the proposed the unique language program "University Pathway program”, I was conditionally accepted to College for "Entrepreneurship and Small business” without an IELTS.By submitting the  letter of acceptance from a language school and a conditional letter of admission from College to the Canadian Embassy, I received a long-term student visa and a study permit and arrived in Canada.While studying at a language school I lived in a very welcoming Canadian family, and after I entered College, I shared a rented apartment in Downtown with my classmate from Brazil.Since June 1, 2014 international students received the opportunity to work off campus during school hours 20 hours per week and 40 hours in vacations. I worked in coffee shops and in the Russian shop, used my knowledge of an engineer - electrician in the field of construction. So little by little, I learned Canada from different sides and got enormous pleasure from it.

Working as an electrician in Minsk, I was getting $100-$150 per month, for comparison, in Canada this amount I could easily earn in 1 day.
Towards the end of my College education, thanks to the immigration consultant who held a presentation in our College about immigration opportunities for foreign students, I firmly decided that I want to live in Canada. He received the diploma of the entrepreneur and a work permit for a period of eight months. I ran a small business in window installation and has submitted documents to be considered under the Canadian Experienced Class program. Soon I'm going to arrange sponsorship of my parents. I hope they will love their second Home as well as I do.