HISTORY OF SUCCESS Polina flew to Canada at the age of 17, having received the Certificate of graduation from the 11th grade of Blagoveshchensk secondary school. The choice fell on Niagara College in Ontario. Having reached the required level of English after passing the language program at the college, Polina entered the faculty of hotel and restaurant business as a cook. During her studies, like most students at Canadian universities, Polina worked part-time and honed her skills in cafes and fast-food restaurants. After two years of college, Pauline received a Post Graduation Work Permit for a period of 3 years and moved to the province of British Columbia, where she found work in a restaurant in Vancouver.

Polina turned to CANADAOPEN Ltd at the end of the second year of her working permit. According to the Federal Program Canadian Experienced Class, Polina scored less than 400 points, taking into account the 2-year college diploma and IELTS 6.5. We discussed remotely all the possibilities of obtaining permanent resident status and settled on the BPNP-International Graduate program as Polina was approaching the criteria of this program. Despite the fact that Polina had a minimal passing ball in English, she had to retake IELTS twice, until she scored the ball that made her competitively capable. Due to her perseverance, for a short period of time, Polina received a Nomination from the province of BC, which added 600 points to her profile in the Express Entry system, which, in turn, allowed Polina to pass the selection and at the Federal level. Six months after receiving the invitation to send documents for permanent resident status in Canada, Polina joined the ranks of permanent residents at 22, and looks forward to receiving Canadian citizenship in the near future!

It was very pleasant to work with Pauline, despite the fact that we never communicated live :) Congratulations and we wish you success in all your endeavors! Keep it up, Pauline!

This real story is one example of how you can combine different types of immigration programs to achieve a goal.


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