Postgraduate Certificate

Postgraduate Certificate is the first stage of the second Higher Education in Canada. Only applicants who have Bachelor Degree can be accepted for a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma programs. As a rule, most  Postgraduate Certifiate programs are at colleges but nowadays they are very popular at Universities as well. These are hands-on programs, and students can obtain maximum pracrice for a short period of time to be ready for their jobs. The minimum length of  Postgraduate Certificate programs is 8 moths  ( 2 terms). Most 12 months length Postgraduate Certificate programs include 4 months (1 term) of Co-op (Cooperative education). Actually, 2 years  Postgraduate programs are Postgraduate  Diploma programs. The other name for a Postgraduate Diploma program is a  Post-Baccalaureate Diploma program (especially for British Columbia).

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