Studying programs

In this section you will know about the main types of academic programs at Canadian colleges and universities. Such as -  High School Diploma, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Postgraduate certificate

High School Diploma

Prices from 12800 CAD

High School Diploma - this is a Diploma about the completion of High School in Canada. Canadians study at High school for 12 years. If you wish to enter one of the top universities in Canada, we recommend to obtain a Canadian High…


Prices from 12000 CAD

This is the first step of Higher Education in Canada. The duration of Diploma programs is 2 years. Most Diploma programs offer narrow specialization. If you wish to continue your study at university, most provinces offer the transfer…

Advanced Diploma

Prices from 12000 CAD

Advanced Diploma - this is the second step of Higher Education at Canadian colleges. The duration of such programs is 3 years. These programs offer in-depth study of a specialization and include four months Co-op terms (practice).…

Bachelor Degree

Prices from 12000 CAD

Bachelor Degree is the third step of Higher Education in Canada. One can obtain Bachelor Degree at College and at University. The duration of Bachelor Degree program is 4 yeras

Postgraduate Certificate

Prices from 12000 CAD