Partnership programs

In this section you will know about more foreign languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic  and about the countries where you can learn one of these languages.

Our Company represents Sprachcaffe language schools, which invite people from all over the world to study German, Spanish, Italian, French< Arabic and Mandarin
Modern Language schools are located in capital cities and in cozy beautiful small towns in Europe and China. All lovers of Spanish can learn it not only in Spain but also in Cuba!

Types of programs

Programs for Teens

  • Age 14-17
  • Dates: Summer holidays
  • 20 h/w and 30h/w
  • Programs: General course, Intensive Course, University pathway program, Individual Course

Programs for Adults

  • Age 18+
  • Dates: all year round
  • 20h/w and 30h/w
  • Programs: General Course, Intensive Course, International exams preparation, University Pathway program , Individual Course

Sprachcaffe offers a vide range of activities and excursions for students.
Call us to get the detailed information about the registration and tuition fees



If you have just started to learn the German language or just want to improve it, come to Frankfurt. We will help you to choose a proper course and the right type of accommodation according to your needs.


Florence is the spiritual part of Italy. Start to learn Italian in Florence today.


Learning Spanish in Barcelona is a special experience. You learn Spanish under the guidance of highly qualified teachers of native speakers and discover the trendy city of Europe..


The easiest way to learn French is to study it in Paris.


Language course in Beijing is a wonderful experience. You learn the Chinese language (Mandarin) under the guidance of highly qualified teachers-native speakers and discover one of the most stunning cities in the world.