Cambridge FCE and CAE preparation

Cambridge FCE and CAE preparation

  • Age: 17+,( summer/winter camps- 14-17)
  • Program start dates: every Monday all year round
  • Program length: 2 weeks
  • Schedule: 8:45 - 14:15 (30 h/w) or 8:45-16:15 (38 h/w)
  • Duration of the lesson: 45 minutes
  • Number of students in class: 12-15
Duration Prices from
1 - 10 weeks Prices from 340 CAD
11-21 weeks Prices from 325 CAD
22-32 weeks Prices from 305 CAD
33-43 weeks Prices from 295 CAD
44+ weeks Prices from 285 CAD

Cambridge FCE and CAE 

The Cambridge method of teaching English is most effective for learning English and allows you to improve verbal communication skills. Results of Cambridge English examinations are highly rated around the world and show how well you speak English in any situation. The passage of this program gives you the opportunity of free communication with native speakers at a high level.

  •  There are 17 English labguage levels at ILAC
  •  Every level is 4 weeks lenght
  •  Students can study from 2 to 68 weeks


  • Students write placement test at their orientation session upon arrival in order to determine their level and create a study plan.
  •  If your level is from Beginner to Intermediate you need to start with General English and as soon as you reach level 9 - Pre-Advanced, you can add FCE course as an elective class. You can take FCE as a main class starting from Advanced level.
  • You can start CAE course from level 14(High-Advanced)

Extra fees:

  • Program registration fee - 125CAD
  • Accommodation placement fee - 195CAD
  • Host Family accommodation , single room, full board - 225CAD per week
  • Host Family accommodation, twin room, full board - 220CAD per week
  • Airport pick up - 100 CAD
  • Airport drop off - 70CAD
  • Medical insurance -17,5 CAD per week
  • Custodianship Letter - 100CAD
  • High-season accommodation fee (July-August) - 25 CAD per week

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