Business English

Business English

Duration Prices from
1 - 10 weeks Prices from 340 CAD
11-21 weeks Prices from 325 CAD
22-32 weeks Prices from 305 CAD
33-43 weeks Prices from 295 CAD
44+ weeks Prices from 285 CAD

This program provides a unique opportunity of improving the English language in the field of business. Modern terminology, use of business vocabulary in real-life situations by passing an interview with a potential employer, opening a Bank account, working with business correspondence, and presenting your own business project before your classmates will improve your Business English skills considerably.     

Program types:

  • Intensive English - 30 h/w
  • Power English 38 h/w – progress is 30% faster
  • Every level of General English is  4 weeks length
  • Students can choose as many levels as they need
  • Minimum program length is 2 weeks
  • Students write placement test at their orientation session upon arrival in order to determine their level and create a study plan.
  • If your level is from Beginner to Intermediate you need to start with General English and as soon as you reach level 8 - High -intermediate, you can add Business English as an elective class. You can Business English as a main class starting from Advanced level

Extra fees:

  • Program registration fee - 125CAD
  • Accommodation placement fee - 195CAD
  • Host Family accommodation , single room, full board - 225CAD per week
  • Host Family accommodation, twin room, full board     - 220CAD per week
  • Airport pick up  - 100 CAD
  • Airport drop off - 70CAD
  • Medical insurance  -17,5 CAD   per week
  • Custodianship Letter - 100CAD
  • High-season accommodation fee (July-August) - 25 CAD    per week


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