Canada offers guide for students arriving during coronavirus

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Canada offers guide for international students arriving during coronavirus
Some important guidelines for international students en route to Canada are now available on the
government website.
In order to be given access to come to Canada, international students need a study permit or study
permit approval and a valid student visa. They also have to show the border services officer that they
are entering Canada for non-discretionary purposes, and that they are studying at one of the approved
DLIs. The list of approved institutions are kept up-to-date on the government webpage.. International
students may be refused entry if they do not meet these requirements.
Immediate family members may be allowed to accompany international students. This would include
students’ spouses, dependent children, or their legal parent or guardian if they are a minor. Family
members must also show border officers that they are travelling for a non-optional, non-discretionary
reason, such as helping the student get established in Canada.
International students and their accompanying family members must quarantine for 14 days upon
Before coming to Canada students need to make a quarantine plan. Border officers will also consider
this plan, when determining if the student can enter the country.
The penalties for breaking quarantine can include a fine of up to $750,000, and six months in jail.