Manitoba’s 2018-2024 labour market forecast

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Immigrants are expected to play an important role in the Manitoba labor market in the coming years, according to a new seven-year labor market forecast by the provincial government.

During 2018-2024, 168.7 thousand new vacancies are forecasted, which amounts to 24,100 jobs per year.

Of the 24,100 new workers who will join the provincial labor force each year, an average of 5,500 people will be pure immigrants.


Focus on innovative students, skilled workers

Manitoba will receive approximately 13,100 immigrants each year until 2024. This number includes the main applicants for economic immigration flows and members of their families.

Since MPNP launch in 1998, of 130,000 immigrants has arrived in Manitoba.

The report highlighted the latest improvements in the MPNP, which “will facilitate education for foreign students in Manitoba to build a career and stay living in the province.”

"For skilled workers, priority will be given to candidates with close family ties in Manitoba and spouses who speak the language, have the necessary education and experience to quickly take up jobs that the province needs."

One of the key innovations introduced as part of the MPNP update this year was the creation of a specialized immigration path associated with the federal Express Entry system, which manages a pool of candidates for three federal programs.