Immigration and visas services are provided by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) Galina Vladimirova - registration number R514110

Canada is one of the most attractive countries for immigrants from around the world, thanks to a highly developed economy, social security of its citizens, cultural and ethnic diversity. Hundreds of immigrants from different countries apply every year to receive A PR status,hoping to change their lives for the better. However, not everyone is able to carry out his plan, as evidenced by the statistics IRCC.

In 2018 year, there were submited  453 230 applications under programs of economic class through the Express Entry system. Only 89 800 applicants were among the lucky ones and received the status of permanent resident of Canada, at that time, as the rest  to be  overboard.

The reason for this failure is quite simple:

  • 40% - almost half of applicants have applied incorrectly
  • 33%- chose inappropriate programs
  • 16%- were unable to improve their score during the year
  • 5%  - were not satisfied with medical examination results
  • 2%  -had criminal records
  • 4%  - failed to apply in time.

Using the services of an immigration consultant, you will be able to avoid mistakes and your dreams will come through.


Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

Prices from 3000 CAD

The landlocked province of Saskatchewan is covered by the grasslands of the Great Plains and the forested Canadian Shield in the far-north. Saskatchewan is a. Home to 1,066,300 people, it is the 6th largest division in Canada in terms…

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Prices from 3000 CAD

New Brunswick is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces and is the only constitutionally bilingual (English–French) province. Located on Canada’s east coast along the Atlantic Ocean, New Brunswick offers a distinct way of life and…

New Foundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

Prices from 3000 CAD

This place is home to the oldest settlement and the oldest city in North America, but is the youngest province of Canada. A vast land, with a relatively small population, Newfoundland and Labrador has some of the friendliest people…

Nova Scotia Provincial nominee program

Prices from 3000 CAD

The province is bordered to the west by New Brunswick and the state of Maine in the U.S., with Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland to the north. Nova Scotia's population is over 940,000 and its capital city of Halifax is the economic…


Prices from 3000 CAD

Quebec is the largest province in Canada. It contains over 750,000 lakes and 130,000 rivers and streams. Hydroelectric power provides the province with more than 75 percent of the electricity it needs, and it comprises a large portion…

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

Prices from 3000 CAD

Prince Edward Island is located on the east coast of Canada and is connected to the mainland by the Confederation Bridge. The province is also called 'PEI' or simply 'the Island'. The capital city is Charlottetown. The population…