Sightseeing Tour in Toronto

Sightseeing Tour in Toronto

  • China Touwn
  • Casa Loma
  • University Of Toronto
  • CN Tower
  • Parlament
  • PATH — heated underground city beneath the center of Toronto

China Town

China Town Toronto Tour


Next stop of our route is Chinatown. We will see numerous signs with exotic names of products, whose existence was not even suspected, felt the subtle flavors of the tea and herbs, choose a special souvenir. Chinatown in Toronto is a true celebration of life, bright and colorful, which gives its guests an unforgettable experience.


Casa Loma

Casa Loma Toronto Tour

Then, we will admire two magnificent buildings which are the true decoration of the city. The first is Casa Loma – Toronto's famous castle, which was built in 1911. The whole interior inside of the castle has been preserved exactly as it was 100 years ago. Adjacent to the castle a lovely garden, spread over 6 acres of land, with secluded shady nooks, grottos and fountains.

University Of Toronto

University Of Toronto

The second building is the University of Toronto, which is a real sanctuary for connoisseurs of architecture. This is the whole town, designed in the Gothic revival style, with its streets and cafes, where students enjoy spending free time. Among the graduates of the University 6 Nobel prize laureates. This is more than any other Canadian University.

CN Tower Toronto Tour


Next, we will visit the CN tower, which rises over Toronto on 553,33 meters and is the highest observation deck in the world. There is a high-speed Elevator so we took turns going up to two viewing platforms that are located at a height of 342 and 346 meters. From the sites we will enjoy stunning views of the city and the lake. For an additional fee, you can climb the highest observation deck in the world – Space Deck (the Space deck). It is from here, from a height of 447 meters on a clear and Sunny day you can see Niagara falls.


Parlament Torornto Tour

The next point of our route will be the Parliament of the province of Ontario, which is located in a beautiful shady Park Royal. The Parliament building was built in the years 1886-1892 and executed in the Romanesque style. Here we can photograph the monuments to outstanding figures of Canadian history and culture, including the monument to Queen Victoria.

PATH — heated underground city beneath the center of Toronto

PATH — heated underground city beneath the center of Toronto

The final destination of our walk around Toronto will be the underground city PATH. Almost all the skyscrapers in the center have several underground floors, which house shops, restaurants, small parks and fountains, various offices, etc. they are All connected by underground passages between itself and the metro system, as well as with all major underground Parking lots. The study of the underworld Toronto will take you a lot of new and interesting and a perfect end to a perfect day.

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