How to change Visitor status into Study/Work Permit from within Canada?

In this article I would like to tell you about who, under what circumstances and where can I apply for the change of status from “Visitor” into “Study Permit” or “Work Permit” without leaving Canada.
The most numerous category consists of language school students who come to Canada to study English for up to 6 months. Typically, these students are not required to obtain Study Permit, and they can attend a language program up to  6 months on a visitor visa. Your Visitor visa give you the right to remain in Canada for up to 6 months maximum. However, the immigration officer may limit Your stay to a shorter time at his discretion. As a rule, in such cases, the entry stamp to Canada demonstrates the date until which You must leave Canada.

If You wish to extend your stay in Canada for more than 6 months and to continue studying at Canadian colleges or universities, you need to apply for a Study Permit. If Your program is a condition of admission to a Canadian University/College you are eligible to apply for a Study Permit from within Canada physically, although the documents must be sent outside of Canada, namely to the Visa section of Canadian Embassy in the USA or at the visa application centre of the country of your citizenship.

Often, students send their documents to change the status to Alberta, Vegreville and receive refusals, as Case processing center in Alberta accepts  applications for Study Permit /Work Permit extensions and for post graduation work permits  and for accompanying spouses.

Being experienced in status changes, I recommend that you have an unconditional letter of acceptance by the selected UNIVERSITY, IELTS, TOEFL or proper English exams results, proof of payment, at least for the first semester at College/University, as well as academic transcripts from the language school in which You studied earlier in order the immigration officer had an idea regarding Your attendance and academic performance. It is also necessary to provide a Bank statement and documents on the source of income. The minimum amount in the account should correspond to the academic year at the University ($14,000.00 CAD minimum) and expenses for accommodation and meals for the year that is about $10,000.00 CAD.

If You have not yet reached the required language level to study at a Canadian University and You need more time at your language school, You can apply for obtaining a Study Permit, providing an invitation from the school with the new dates of the language programme. In this situation, I recommend to attach to the documents conditional letter of admission from College/University, which says that once You reach the required level of English, You will be granted unconditional admission. Thus, You confirm your educational plans for your longer stay in Canada.

It is important to know that if Your visitor status has expired and a decision on Study Permit is still pending, You must apply for the extension of your visitor record. The basis for the extension is awaiting for a decision on your Study Permit. Thus, You will not be in the situation of a person without status that may lead to failure in obtaining a Study Permit.

You have the right to expect a decision in Canada, but You can't continue your education until you receive a decision on status change.

In that case, if Your application to get a Study Permit in Canada is approved, You will receive an email from visa office stating the number of Your file. You can get the original secure paper only through the border crossing with Canada. If You did not go anywhere for the waiting time decision and do not intend to leave Canada by air, You can cross the land border near Niagara-Falls, for example, and get your Study Permit from the immigration officer, providing IRCC Approval Letter, the invitation from the College/University, your passport.

The next category of persons who are entitled to change their visitor status into Work Permit is accompanying spouses. If one spouse has a Study Permit and the other one came to Canada as a visitor he/she is entitled to apply for an Open Work Permit without leaving Canada. As an exception, the documents are sent to the visa office in Alberta, Vegreville. In this case Study Permit will be sent out to the postal address of the applicant in Canada.
and there is no need to cross the border.

We will be happy to assist you in submitting Your applicatons for a change of status from within Canada.

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