Prince Edward Island News

The province of Prince Edward Island has opened a new "Expression of Interest" (EOI) system for foreign citizens interested in applying for a provincial program (PEI PNP) and who have a relationship with the province, including the Express Entry category. All Canadian immigration programs across the provinces are a three-stage process:

  • Create an account and create a profile in the "Expression of interest" system
  • Top-rated candidates can apply for PEI PNP.
  • After consideration of the application submitted to the Immigration Office of PEI, the selected candidates submit a separate application for permanent residence.

PEI has also released a new scoring system that credits points based on age, language proficiency, education, work experience, employment and adaptability.

Express Entry

So, what does this mean for the PEI Express Entry category?

Candidates with an active profile in the Express Entry pool who are interested in the Express Entry PEI program must also submit the EOI form to PEI and get a score of 100 possible points based on the factors listed above. Successful candidates will receive a provincial nomination from PEI, resulting in 600 additional points in the system (CRS).

The PEI government states that it will give preference to candidates who currently live and work in the provinces.