Manitoba Immigration News

The province of Manitoba invited 349 qualified specialists to settle in the province as permanent residents following a round that was held on 26 September. These candidates, as well as their family members, can now apply for a nomination from the province of Manitoba by the provincial program (MPNP). MPNP is the immigration program of the province of Manitoba, which allows you to select new immigrants that fit the province.  For skilled workers, MPNP operates under the "Expression of Interest" (EOI) system, through which interested parties apply for this program. Once this is done, they are assigned the total number of points based on their personal factors. Then the candidates with the highest rating are given out by LAA. After this, the candidate can apply to the federal government for the status of a permanent resident. In the September 26 draw, 300 candidates received the LAA under the program "Qualified workers in Manitoba". The candidate's lowest score was 602.
The remaining 49 LAA were awarded to candidates in the subcategory of "Qualified Workers Abroad", which were invited directly by the MPNP within the framework of the strategic recruitment initiative. Each of these candidates had 721 or more points.

Strategic initiatives include:

Recruitment missions.

  • immigration fairs by representatives of the province who interview with foreign qualified workers, and then invite them to apply.

Search visits:

  • MPNP can invite people who have been pre-screened and familiarized with the province during the official visit.

Candidates eligible for a nomination for one of the MPNP subcategories for qualified workers are assessed in accordance with a unique scoring system that awards each candidate up to 1000 points a maximum.

September 26 MPNP EOI draw for skilled workers

Sub-categoryMinimum score required to receive LAANumber of LAAs
Skilled Workers in Manitoba 602 300
Skilled Workers Overseas 721 49